Welcome to Tangalle bay with Aga Surf View – Your beach front private cottages

Tangalle is a “ not to be missed travel destination “ in Southern coast of Sri Lanka with number of attractions surrounded. The location of Aga Surf View in this travel destination is a beachfront with a bay which is ideal for safe bathing, snorkeling, surfing and many water sports suitable for beginners also. This is considered as one of the two beaches in Tangalle for safe bathing for any season of the year.

One of the main reasons of the popularity of Tangalle is its golden sandy beaches which never fail to capture ones attention. It has rough, strong waves and creates such an impact on a person’s mind that they are just rejoiced. It’s beaches are Sri Lanka’s reply to ‘’heaven’’. The ocean stretches as far as one’s eyes can manage to see. Isn’t that just delightful? What a perfect way to beat the summer heat with some fresh water. The beaches in Tangalle have a harmonized environment and the sunsets are a must see! The beaches have hotels built as well. People all around the world come to witness the beauty of the beaches that Sri Lanka holds in it.

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